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Step 5:  Reaching Out To Employers

If you speak to business owners they will often tell you that hiring staff is the single largest hurdle they face when trying to grow their company, as advertising a role can be very expensive and take up a lot of time due to so many people applying.

If so many people apply, then why is it so hard to find new staff?
From experience, we would say that applications are typically split into four groups:

1: Not interested / only applying to keep their Work Coach happy = 50%
2: Not interested / no experience = 40%
3: Keen / (basic) experience  / potential for an interview = 5%
4: Overqualified / passion lies in another career – 5%

Based on the above information, you may now see the importance in following the Construction Pathway Steps as they could help you move you out of group two into group three – keen and committed to a career in construction!

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An estimated 7 out of 10 jobs are never advertised!
There is one very easy way to put yourself in a position where you have no competition at all. Choosing an employer that you would like to work for and contacting them directly, even when they are not advertising a vacancy is by far the best way to land yourself your dream job.

Contacting an employer directly, using their company name in the C.V. and introduction letter shows that you are super keen to work for them and are far more likely to commit and give your best.

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When applying for a job you should always attach an introduction letter, many people call them cover letters. We prefer the word introduction because they offer a great opportunity to introduce yourself, giving the employer a better understanding of why it is that you, really, really, really want the job.

To the right you will find three links showing you how to lay out an introduction letter, which text to use and a downloadable, introduction letter template in Microsoft Word.

TOP TIP: If using the template – don’t forget to take the (brackets) out, they are there to show which words you may want to change!

TOP TIP: This doesn’t just have to be used in a letter, this introduction can also be used in emails or if you direct message a company via social media!

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Make it personal by adding the name of either the business owner or recruiter (the person in charge of hiring new staff) at the top of the letter. If their name is not in the job advert, take a look at their social media or you can search for the company on Companies House. Type in their company name and typically the owner will show as the first Director on the list.

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